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Meet the Designers

Meet The Designers

3 Carat Emerald Moissanite & Vertical Diamond Baguette Ring
Michael Raven began his career designing jewelry with just $475, at age 19. Eventually, his designs would grace the biggest stars on every major red carpet in Hollywood and clients including world leaders and royal family members all over the world. During this time, he also wrote and co-produced songs earning eight Grammy nominations. He has developed and acquired several patents in the medical tech field involving The Internet of Medicine, and incorporating actual AI for predictive augmented health care. Currently he is acquiring additional patents in the music tech field, as well as mechanical and design patents for jewelry manufacturing and creating iconic themed lines of jewelry. Raven Fine Jewelers is under Apex International Inc, a California corporation overseeing the many different businesses owned by Michael Raven
Rick Lara started designing jewelry, and fashion in middle school and began defining his aesthetic as a protégé at Raven Jewelers in Beverly Hills. Eventually, his designs were a welcome addition to the VIP clients’ lists of favorites. Through his unique style and branding strategies, he quickly expanded the global reach for custom jewelry lines, establishing himself as the head of social media engagement for the company. He now participates in the many companies and projects under Apex International Inc.
3 Carat Emerald Moissanite & Vertical Diamond Baguette Ring

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