Emerald SUPERNOVA Moissanite Three Stone Ring

Raven Fine Jewelers


Introducing the new SUPERNOVA Moissanite!! Absolutely beautiful and colorless with superior quality cut. Supernova Moissanite displays the highest brilliance, superior fire, and unmatched scintillation than any other jewel.

What makes SUPERNOVA so special?
The skill to which a Moissanite is cut determines how well it reflects and refracts light.
Moissanite outperforms diamonds in brilliance, fire and luster only if they are cut the right way.

When cutting Supernova Moissanite, stone cutters take time to align all 8 sets of facets to perfect symmetry, perfect proportions, and perfect polish every time.

When this is achieved, the result is a stunning Moissanite jewel full of life and fire, that shows off its best qualities of maximum brilliance, fire and luster.

A three stone ring featuring a 7x5mm emerald-cut SUPERNOVA Moissanite flanked by two 5x3mm emerald cut Supernova Moissanite gems, set in 14k white gold. 

Center Stone:

SUPERNOVA Moissanite
Shape: Emerald
Weight: 1.00 Carat (7x5mm)
Color: D-F (colorless!! yay!!!)
Clarity: VVS

Side Stones: 

Supernova Moissanite
Shape: Emerald
Weight: Each stone is 0.30 ct (5x3mm) total weight: 0.60carats!
Color: Colorless
Clarity: VVS

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