Discovering Moissanite

April 25, 2016

Discovering Moissanite

   Years ago, one of my celebrity clients contacted me saying she was going to be traveling and wanted replicas of her custom jewelry I had made for her. She did not want to risk losing her original wedding set. While I was making the pieces, another jeweler friend of mine suggested using Charles and Colvard moissanite instead of CZ's or white sapphires.

     As I investigated this idea, I discovered that moissanite actually has a HIGHER refraction index than natural diamonds! More sparkle and scintillation potential is always exciting for a jeweler and the clientele. I also learned that they are nearly as hard as diamonds and when I held one next to one of my GIA certified diamonds, it was not even possible to tell the difference without a specific gravity test or 30x magnification.

     Needless to say, my client LOVED the pieces and then ordered some earrings specifically requesting moissanite as the centerpiece stones. Many of my clients now enjoy this alternative for everything from statement pieces to wedding rings and I am so very happy one of my friends brought it into my world.


     Michael Raven

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