About Us


Michael Raven began his career designing jewelry with just $475, a desk and a catalogue. Eventually, his designs would grace the biggest stars on every major red carpet in Hollywood. Modelling himself as a personal concierge, Michael re-defined the jewelry design experience by being personally available 24 hours per day for people on the go in varying time zones. Michael's close attention to detail and his concern for his clients allows him to give them a unique, personal experience. Prepared to travel anywhere, at any time, to meet his clients, Michael has discreetly garnered business among celebrities and CEOs of many prominent companies worldwide. As one of the few Master Jewelers who owns his very own diamond and gemstone cutters, Michael has over 5,000 diagrams to choose from for custom cut stones. Blending a fun experience with each client's artistic taste and Michael's trend-setting style, every piece is uniquely beautiful and Recognizably Raven. Through his professional dedication, Michael has been able to nurture another side of his creativity and cultivate relationships with directors, producers and clients working in all aspects of the entertainment industry. With swift efficiency, Michael would, on behalf of his clients, attach talent or investors for their various projects and, effectively, became a producer. In time, he would frequently be seen on the set of various locations handling emergencies and helping to fill any gaps as they were identified. It was during this period, that he also wrote a song for a feature film which earned four Grammy nominations.